Ideal 18

Joining the Ideal 18 Fleet gives Members access to the Club-owned boats throughout the sailing season. This program is for both racers and cruisers, looking for an opportunity to get out on the water whether you own a boat or not.

Members of the Ideal 18 Fleet can book a boat for any race or simply head out for an adventure in the harbour with friends & family!

Booking Procedures

All requests to charter an Ideal 18 (racing included) must be booked in advanced through their respective forms. Requests to charter can be made through the Day Charter - Ideal 18 reservation page and those interested in racing can sign up through the Thursday Night Racing - Ideal 18 reservation pageBoats will be available on a first come, first served basis. Please apply as a skipper in advance in order to be approved to sail our Club-owned keelboats. 

Any questions may be directed to 

All Ideal 18s must be signed out with the Sailing Office before each use with damage guarantee and skipper eligibility signed before boats may leave the dock.Walk-ins are welcome as long as boats are not previously reserved. Booking an Ideal 18 costs $70 + HST for a single charter. Members may join the Ideal 18 fleet for $350 + HST to enjoy unlimited charters for the entire season.

Thursday Night Racing

The Ideal 18 fleet races on Thursday nights. 

Specifically for Club-owned boats, we will be following these procedures for fair use of the boats:

All interested racers must reserve a boat by 6 PM Wednesday for racing the next day, through the Thursday Night Racing - Ideal 18 reservation page, to be assured a boat. Boat assignment will be done on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to attend, please notify the Sailing Office as soon as possible to cancel your reservation and to allow others the opportunity to reserve.


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